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Using the backup manager to restore files and databases
Last Updated 3 years ago
Our easy to use backup manager allows you to restore any files or databases to your server from the nightly backup server. To access the backup manager first login to your account here.

On the top navigational bar you should see a "Servers" option, if you move your mouse over this you will see an expanded menu with your server or servers listed. If you have more than one server click the name of the server the account you want to restore files to resides on.

You will now see the status page for the selected server, in the general box at the top you'll see a link to the Backup Manager, click this link.

You will now be presented with 2 options: Database or File Backups. If you're restoring a database click the database option, for files or folders click the File Backups option.

Database Restores
If you want to restore a database you should have clicked the Database option on the previous screen and you should now see a list of dates. Each of these dates represent the date the database backup was taken. So if you wanted to restore a database from one week ago you would select the required date from the list.

The next page will show you a list of accounts on the server, you now need to select the account you want to restore the database for.

There will be a short delay and a progress box will appear, this is because the database backups are compressed and they need to be uncompressed to display them. Once the database extraction has completed click the "Close" button.

If there are backups available for the selected account they will now be shown. You have two options, you can restore the backup using the recycle icon (left), or you can download the database using the download icon (right).

Beware: If you restore a database it will overwrite the current database on the server, if you don't want this to happen then download the database instead.

File & Folder Restores
Similar to the database restore procedure, files are stored in a similar way. When you click the File Backup option you will be presented with a list of dates. These again are the dates the backup was taken. Select the date for the files you want to restore and then select the account from the next list.

The file interface now shows you the root folder contents of the account you selected, this is the folder above public_html which is where your website lives. If you want to restore a file or folder to your website you now need to select the public_html folder option.

You should now see a full list of all the files and folders within the public_html folder, if you want to view any file simply click on it.

You can now navigate through to find the file or folders you want to restore. When you have found the required item simply click the restore option on the right (Recycle Icon) or Download icon to download the file.

Beware: If you restore a file or folder it will overwrite the current file or folder on the server, if you don't want this to happen then download the file or folder instead.

High Availability Servers
On high availability servers (Load Balanced and Nginx Instances) the option to restore a database is not available. This is because it would be unwise to restore a database to a high availability system without incurring downtime and loss of data. For this reason databases can only be downloaded.

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