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Issuing Let's Encrypt Certificates
Last Updated a year ago
If you have the Let's Encrypt module installed on your server then you can issue as many SSL certificates for your clients as you require at no extra cost to you.

To get started login to cPanel (either directly or through WHM) and scroll down to the Security category. You should see the Let's Encrypt SSL Icon. If you don't see it please contact us to ask for it to be activated on your server.

In the Let's Encrypt interface you'll see all domains associated with this account and next to the domain you'll see an option to "Issue" a certificate. Click the "+ Issue" button next the domain you want to install a certificate for.

On the next page you'll be asked to select which sub domains you want the SSL to be issued to in addition to the main domain. You can only choose sub domains that are pointing to your server. For example, if points to another server then you MUST untick this option otherwise the SSL will fail.

If all went well then you should see a message telling you the certificate was issued successfully. If you get an error then please open a ticket and paste the error contents so we can help resolve the problem.

Let's Encrypt certificates are valid for 3 months but once they are automatically renewed before they expire so the setup process only needs to be done the once.

Note: The Let's Encrypt system imposes certain limits and if you receive an error containing the text "too many registrations for this IP" then you'll need to wait around 4 hours before trying again.

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