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Spam Filtering
Last Updated 2 years ago
If you have an email account then it is inevitable you will at some point receive spam emails. To help reduce the amount of spam in your inbox you can enable spam filters. The spam filtering system tries to identify emails as spam and adds ***SPAM*** to the email subject. With this tag you can filter the email to send it to a spam folder.

To enable spam filtering firstly login to cPanel and then go to Email->Spam Filters. Change the "Process New Email and Mark them as Spam" to the on position.

Now all new emails the system detects as spam will be marked but still delivered to your inbox. To send these emails to a spam folder for review you need to add a filter as follows:

Still within cPanel, Email->Email Filters. Click "Manage Filters" next to the email account you want to add a filter to. Click "Create a New Filter", call the filter SPAM and under rules select "Spam Bar", "Contains", +++++ (Note: If you wanted to match a spam score of 4, you would use ++++. A spam score of 3 would be +++, etc. We find 5 +++++ is about right. The lower the score the more false positives you're likely to get.)

Under Actions change it to "Deliver to Folder" and then browse to the folder called "Junk" and select it. Now click save.

Once this has been completed all spam email will go to the junk folder where you can review them to ensure no genuine emails have been sent there by mistake.

Repeat the filter adding process for every email account as required.

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