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MySQL Access
Last Updated 3 years ago
All cPanel accounts include phpMyAdmin which is a web interface for managing your databases. This can be access via cPanel -> Databases -> phpMyAdmin

If you need to access your databases using a desktop client like SQLyog then you'll first need to setup some special access permissions.

Firstly you'll need to open a support ticket to request your IP address to be allowed through the firewall, if you don't have a fixed IP on your broadband account then you'll need to access MySQL via our VPN.

Once you have access through our firewall the last thing to do is login to cPanel for the account you want MySQL access to and navigate to: Databases -> Remote MySQL

In the Host field enter your fixed IP address and an optional comment. Click add host. You should now have access to the required database using the username and password you originally setup.

Note: If you are accessing MySQL via our VPN then you do not need to allow the IP address through as this is done for you.

If you require access to all databases on your server then please specify this in your ticket and we can do this for you.

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